What is Bipartisan?
Bipartisan is an app that lets you view news in a meaningful way by discovering the most truthful news from the right places.
What Can I Do?

Want news in a certain place? Check out our B-Stream, a live map of the world. Click anywhere to see the top news in that location right now. News is organized by topic as well as our B-Score — a score that shows the truthfulness and accuracy of a certain article.

Have a specific article that you want us to analyze? Head over to the B-Score tab to enter the link to any article you stumble upon and get our official confidence rating in that article.

Don't have a specific article? Just search for a topic of choice on the B-Search page.

How Does It Work?
Bipartisan uses machine learning and natural language processing to find the most credible news. Check out our DevPost for our full stack!
Lemme See Your Code!
Since we love sharing, check out the GitHub repo!